Explore Blue Cave, Submarine Bases, Our Lady of the Rocks, St. George, and more, customized to your preferences. Enjoy the beauty of Kotor Bay from the sea...

Embark on a thrilling adventure with our Kotor Bay speedboat tour, a journey through the gems of the Adriatic.

Kotor Bay Sailing Tour

As we set sail from Kotor, the enchanting Perast awaits, nestled between two intertwining lagoons that define the heart of Boka Bay. Perast's allure is heightened by the presence of Our Lady of the Rocks islet, a postcard-perfect destination featuring a charming church and museum, alongside the island of St. George.

Perast Kotor Tour

Our voyage continues with an extraordinary experience at the Blue Cave, where the azure waters invite you to take a refreshing swim surrounded by stunning rock formations. Immerse yourself in history as we pass by Mamula Island, once a formidable prison. The tour unveils hidden treasures, showcasing old submarine bases intricately carved into the hills in the middle of the bay.

Blue Cave Montenegro

Heading back to Kotor, our route includes picturesque sail by Stoliv, Prcanj, and the modern luxury resort of Porto Novi. The journey culminates with a walking tour of Kotor Old Town, revealing the rich tapestry of history and culture that defines this remarkable destination.

Kotor Bay Sailing Boat Tour

Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Kotor Bay's wonders, where each stop unveils a new chapter in the story of this Mediterranean paradise. 

Note: This tour can be extended for leisure time on the beach, which may affect the overall cost of the experience.

Blue Cave Kotor Tour Speedboat