Blue Cave - Submarine bases - Our Lady of the Rocks - Perast town - St. George & even more, which depend on you only. The pleasure of Kotor Bay from the sea.

This boat tour is taking us from Kotor to one of the most beautiful places in this part of the Mediterranean, a place called Perast. It is situated between two lagoons intertwining which makes it the center of Boka bay. 

Kotor Bay Sailing Tour

But the main attraction in Perast is located across the place, in the sea. And it’s an islet of Our Lady of the Rocks. A small piece of land with a church and museum is postcard material. Alongside stands an island of St. George.

Perast Kotor Tour

Our next stop offers once in a lifetime experience. Have you ever had a swim in the sea surrounded by rocks? We are taking you to the Blue cave. Just look at the color of the water.

Blue Cave Montenegro

Then it’s time for a brief history lesson. We will pass by Mamula island that once served as a prison. 

We will show you old submarine bases, carved into the hills in the middle of the bay.

Kotor Bay Sailing Boat Tour

Then we head back to Kotor via Stoliv, Prcanj and Porto Novi, modern and luxury resort.

Sped Boat Kotor Tours


How people usually ask about the Kotor walking tour we decide to add you like the mos popular additional activity conected to this tour. So, this would cost you 35€ for the group. 

Blue Cave Kotor Tour Speedboat