Montenegro as a country  that has so much to offer, to bee seen and explored, hidden spots with best views. From that point of view all Boka bay coast is as in landscape paintings, drawn by the hand of the best painters of the world.

Landscapes, beaten paths and fortresses which exist from the centuries, with so much of passion only a local people may show and tell you all about it, so the secrets of that place will last forever. This tour can be organise with ATV(quad) at your request.

Kotor Shore Excursion Off Road

At the beginning you may be a bit skeptic about the road but that feeling won’t last long, it will be just pure positive adrenalin till the moment you’ll realize you are in the safety hands. A perfect team is behind this tour, organization with the most careful moments of touch, a work experience, local Montenegrins who are definitely thinking about everything. 

Kotor Off Road Jeep Tourjpeg

Fort Gorazda, is a first stop after 30 minutes of drive through a rocky, pebble road with ascents, will pass with ease because of vehicles build for much more challenges on terrain. This fortress is Austro- Hungarian heritage, above the bay of Kotor and offer a full 360° panorama view, with the part of Njegusi, the National Park Lovcen, Tivat and almost entire Boka Bay.

Kotor Tour Off Road Montenegro

Kotor in your hands it’s little to say. Next stop is right side of the mountain Vrmac and it’s more about Kotor bay. A view from the forest is giving a close look of The Old Town of Kotor, Kotor bay coast, cruise port of Kotor and Lovcen mountain, clean as a sea. Reflection of the high mountains in the dark blue sea is breathtaking!

Boka Bay Kotor Off Road Tour

A picnic moment with the bay of Tivat in front of your face or a cup of espresso during the relaxing moments of brake, tour guides are super moderate and customized for all kind of situations. The most interesting, beside the places, are actually stories about them that your guide will know how to tell but lets not forget the tasty finger food, traditional Montenegrin cousine, such as Njeguski cheese and prosciutto, homemade tomato, olives, etc…

Montenegro Adventure Tours

And while the Sun melts in the far-far horizon, we go down the off-road path and return to Kotor along the very edge of the bay.

Note: At your request, the tour can be 2 hours longer, but for more information and details, please contact us via email.