This one-day tour includes a tour of secret gems like Rijeka Crnojevića, via Pavlova Strana, Mount Lovćen and mausoleums over 25 serpentines above the Bay of Kotor and food & wine tasting in the small family winery run by sharming local winemaker. 

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This tour provides the best experience of all the beautiful landscapes of Montenegro. Some of them, only occasionally visited by those most curious tourists. The whole experience is difficult to describe, but picturesque and fairy-tale.

Lovcen Montenegro

However, there is some historical significance  of the places and a walk up the stairs to the mausoleum where you will see the miracle combiantion of human and natural creation open even more beautiful views that are always the most difficult to describe and how that barely manages many poets we'll just leave that part of the story as a surprise for you. 

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While driving towards the small family winery we will discover amazing views of the river Crnojevica and the region. This panoramic roud is well known as a "Pavlova Strana". The view is like from the postcard. Visiting the town Rijeka Crnojevica and opptionally boat ride in the NP Skadar Lake, but on the river Crnojevic(The boat ride would effect the tour duration).

Rijeka Crnojevica Via Pavlova Strana

To Montenegrins around the world, you should not even say that you were in Montenegro without tasting wine, brandy and prosciutto. They might even resent you. Thats why we included in theis tour visitng the small family winery, hidden deep in the village in the region Crmnica, famous for wine-grape growing. No limits in drinking. You also can grab the vegetable and fruits form the garden or work with the host around the vineyard, free of charge, lol. 

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Rijeka Crnojevica Kotor Tour