Experience the  National Park Skadar Lake by an hour boat ride from Virpazar or take a selfguided kayak ride before the tasty local specialties & panoramic drive above the island of Sveti Stefan than walk through the Old Town of Budva.

Sveti Stefan Island

Sveti Stefan island is the biggest attraction in Riviera of Budva. The former fishing village situated on a peninsula became a hotel-town 50 years ago and since then is visited by Holywood stars and Royal families.

On the way, we will visit an amasing monastery Rezevici dating back centuries, its stone walls resonate with history, offering a tranquil retreat amidst coastal beauty. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean greenery, this sacred site invites visitors to explore its rich religious heritage and picturesque surroundings.

On other side, Virpazar is a small town on the shores of the lake, but once it was of strategic significance that even the Turks built a fortress above the city that also was used by occupiers in WWI as a prison for the Montenegrin population. 

Skadar Lake Montenegro Tour

Today this small town is the most popular tourist town in this region of the National Park and the place from where we start the new experience by boat and local skipper (kayak on your request).

Virpazar Skadar Lake Tour Podgorica

Lake Skadar has been a protected National Park since 1983, and in 2011 was formally nominated for UNESCO heritage status.

The lake is a birder's paradise, with more than 260 different species including the rare Dalmatian pelican. 

Kadar Lake Adventure Montenegro

Villages around the lake are famous for wineries used to produce the famous Montenegrin red wine Vranac, a product that Montenegrins are extremely proud of! If there is an extra time, at your request, we could organise a lunch in Virpazar town. 

Wine Tour Skadar Lake Tour

This is not all for today. Visiting the old town of Budva is on our way and the old town is center of our tourism and place visited by all generations of tourist and locals. Always popular. Always cool to be in.

Budva Old Town

As much as you want the beautiful days to never end, the end must come. With us, the end comes with a beautiful view. The view of Bay of Kotor from Trojica hill. 

Kotor Bay Cruise Port

Note: All of our tours are private, tailor-made tours. Please feel free to create your own tour. 

 Skadar Lake Tour