The idea of this day trip is to provide the best photo-shooting opportunities, so these 7-8 hours do not prioritize spending time in towns or visiting the churches but enjoy panoramas and beautiful wild nature of Montenegro. 

Boka Bay Day Tour From Kotor

The oldest road in Montenegro offers us a view of Boka Bay on one and rocky area on another side of the mountain. This will definitely leave everyone breathless. Beauty is indescribable by words. 

Best Montenegro Views

That is not all, this is the place where you can try local traditional cuisine of the area. Short drive to the small town Rijeka Crnojevica and some free time for refreshing moments in one of the local bars (optional boat ride)

Rijeka Crnojevica Kotor Tour

Just when you thought it couldn't be more beautiful, we discover views from the old road to river Crnojevica and the area that will satisfy every photographer and nature lovers without allowing to leave the place without unforgettable impressions.

Rijeka Crnojevica Via Pavlova Strana

Beautiful views will accompany us to the next lookouts on our way back to the coast.

River Crnojevica Tour

Budva Riviera with the old town of Budva in the center of events as the most important part of the coast is certainly very picturesque. 

Panoramic Montenegro Tour

After we pass the urban part of Budva city, we'll be welcome by popular Jaz beach, our last photo stop on the tour.

Jaz Budva Riviera

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