Tara River Rafting adventure through it's canyon which is the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in the world, also known as a “Tear of Europe” with a depth of more then 1300 meteres it is one of the most attractive canyons in the world.

Montenegro Package Tours Seven Days

You are very lucky to be visiting a country like Montenegro. Montenegrins are rightly proud of the river Tara as one of the most recognizable symbols of our beautiful country. This beauty is on the UNESCO list and part of the National Park Durmitor, the mountain full of water with 17 glacial lakes and 40 picks over 2000m above sea level...

Tara Rafting Tour Durmitor

Two hours on water, rapids, waterfall and maybe some wild animals, some jumps and hikes and lunch in the camp at the end of the first part of the tour but before visiting the bridge and ZIP LINE as an optional activity(not included in the price).

Tara Canyon Tour

The zip line is the best option to see the famous Djurdjevica Tara bridge and canyon from above. The bridge is also part of the Durmitor National Park and had an important role in the Second World War, and today it is one of the most famous grandiose buildings that connects the two banks of the longest and wildest river in Montenegro.

Zip Line Tara Montenegro

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